Journey Decor v5.1.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Journey Decor mod Apk download

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Journey Decor Mod Apk 5.0.1 [Unlimited money] free download

Assuming you were permitted to update your old rooms to resemble new one day, could you like it? Journey Decor will give you that honor; players will perform interesting stone riddles to get these honors. More fascinating is that the matches will happen ceaselessly, and players must constantly exploit it. Each stage occurs; the player needs to comprehend the test and execute the plan. Get as many advantages as possible because you’ll get the rooms of your fantasies.


The test given in the game is that the player will depend on a stone board that is rearranged in a wide range of stones. Players need to find three stones of a similar variety to match them. In the wake of assembling them, they will be squashed, etc. thus. Players need to focus on the exciting necessities of the game, and what sort of stones ought to be played out… Each challenge is finished, and the player will get virtual gifts.

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Journey Decor Mod Apk

Players should gather many gifts to get an opportunity to win. Journey Decor will assist you with conquering more gifts by redesigning levels to have the option to win. Moreover, players need to exploit bright stones since they can smash every one of the stones on the table. Furthermore, players likewise make their vivid stones to vanquish hardships.

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You’ve found invigorating overhaul advantages for your room; presently, begin updating so you don’t pass up extraordinary circumstances. Change the design of the space to have an effect. Then make changes to the drapes, bed, and, surprisingly, the paint shade of the walls. There are many sorts for you to browse pick contingent upon your motivations and requirements. The decoration makes the room unique and more attractive than at any other time.


  • The game’s test is that the player should match three stones of a similar variety to pulverize them.
  • Do Level Up to acquire invigorating advantages for yourself.
  • Make your brilliant stones have the option to win the honor of devastating every one of the stones on the table.
  • How about we leave on overhauling your room, changing the format, and everything inside?
  • Open invigorating rooms consistently and move up to take you to the highest point of the competitor list.


The initial feeling of Journey Decor is the nature of its pictures, to draw everything strikingly and appealingly through a wide range of viewpoints. It likewise makes a reviving and alluring inclination for the extravagant and decadent design, invigorating the player’s longing to decorate for each unique game mode. Additionally, the insides and their varieties express the profundity and authenticity inside them, making the player more vivid and planning to cause them to feel great and fulfilled. That is where the visual quality is noteworthy, passing on players with numerous points of view and prepared to make extraordinary plans for their homes.

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Every inside decoration work necessities to advance as players will require stars or keys to decorate everything. In this manner, the game presents a match-3 riddle framework to make more different and vivacious interactivity for the home decoration. When players complete a riddle, they will get stars, from which they continue to pick the variety, plan, and style of every inside room or house.

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Journey Decor Each house will have more than 30 different match-3 difficulties. They are haphazardly produced and joined with numerous adaptable mechanics to play out the most awesome and eye-getting combos. It additionally joins helper blocks with enhancements to invigorate players’ innovativeness while interfacing blocks and finishing indicated objectives. After finishing many riddles, the game will have many awards for the player to go further and escape numerous tough spots in the future. Journey Decor


Journey Decor will present a significant inside library with well-known plans from numerous extraordinary producers all over the planet. They come in various varieties for players to open and broadly use in ongoing activities. After players open a couple of household items, they can involve them later on, apply their unmistakable styles to different homes, and gain positive impressions from visitors or project workers.

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Journey Decor will routinely arrange numerous occasions for architects locally to challenge and articulate their thoughts through multiple one-of-a-kind plans. Everybody’s entrances will be decided by the local area, respecting and winning many prizes, including rewards or uncommon projects that don’t exist in the store. It is likewise a decent chance for players to name themselves and hotshot their plan abilities with different houses or environments.

Journey Decor v5.0.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Journey DecorThe extravagance and fervor of Journey Decor’s people group are viewed as the most conspicuous element of the game. It additionally consolidates unwinding ongoing interaction to release their plan abilities and drench themselves in different sumptuous conditions made without anyone else with their imagination in different ideas and circumstances advertised.

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