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Introduction to FITAPP Mod Apk

The thing about fitness progress and goals ( FITAPP Mod Apk ) is that they are different for you to track. And with that, you will find it difficult to set your goals and fully participate in the challenges. Not to mention, if you’re starting your fitness journey, you’ll need a lot of motivation to stay committed to your training and upcoming challenges.

Android users will definitely find this amazing FITAPP Track My Run & Running mobile app a great fitness companion on their mobile devices. Enable the app on your system to enjoy full tracking features during and after certain fitness activities. From running, walking, or cycling, the app will provide you with all the essential information you need to stay motivated and engaged on your travels.

Please find out more about this fantastic FITAPP mobile app and all its unique features with our detailed reviews.

What does FITAPP Mod Apk do?

With FITAPP Track My Run & Running, Android users will have the perfect mobile tool to track their progress and fitness goals. Here, the app gives you real-time tracking data of all your current fitness activities and recorded history so you can fully participate in your fitness journeys.

Let FITAPP Track My Run & Running track your weights and calories burned to keep you focused on your weight loss plans. Discover many HIIT workouts and techniques to help you burn fat and build strength. Receive voice feedback on total calories, workout duration, distances covered, running speed, average pace, and other valuable data during your workout. And most importantly, the fantastic FITAPP Feed, which has hundreds of thousands of active users, will allow you to stay motivated and engaged on your fitness journeys.

Requirements for FITAPP Mod Apk

For those interested, you can now get the accessible version of FITAPP Track My Run & Running from the Google Play Store, which should be available for all Android users to enjoy without paying. Just be aware that the app will have certain ads that might annoy you. And the premium features will still require you to pay to unlock them.

Like other Android apps, it is highly recommended that your mobile devices be updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 6.0 and above, which will improve the app’s stability and compatibility with your system.

Also, the features built into the app will require specific access permissions from your Android devices, ensuring you can enjoy the full-featured app. So don’t forget to accept the notification requests the first time you enter the application.

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Cool Features of FITAPP Mod Apk

Here are all the cool features the app has to offer:

Track your weight loss progress [ FITAPP Mod Apk ]

With FITAPP Track My Run & Running, Android users will have the perfect mobile app to track their weight loss progress, providing them with lots of valuable logs and statistics about each of their activities. Feel free to enable the app and let it run in the background to track distances, time, speed, and calories burned. Here, you can set goals and allow the app to decide how it will take you to reach them. Follow your daily regiments of running, walking, ng, or cycling to burn calories and control your weight slowly.

fitapp mod apk

Use the GPS tracker to record your activities.

You can now record your run duration, distance, and pace with impressive accuracy, thanks to FITAPP Track My Run & Running’s built-in GPS tracker. Here, the app can closely track your movements and calculate the calories burned by your activities.

fitapp mod apk

From running, jogging, cycling, inline skating, mountain biking, Nordic walking, cross country skiing, hiking, golf, horseback riding, or longboarding, to a simple walk in the park with your dog or any sport that interests you, FITAPP Track My Run & Running can provide you with accurate data to save in your health diary. Feel free to use it for daily activities to ensure you live healthily.

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Accurate GPS with minimal battery usage [ FITAPP Mod Apk ]

Not only is GPS Tracker extremely accurate, like Runkeeper and Endomondo: Running & Walking, but  FITAPP Track My Run & Running also requires minimal battery from your system. Thus, it allows users always to have the app activated without noticing any change in battery usage. This is also the case for little storage space, as FITAPP Track My Run & Running does not require much space from your local storage to work, so you can be sure that it will not affect other applications, even on low-end systems. . .

fitapp mod apk

Enable voice feedback to get more involved in sports

With FITAPP Track My Run & Running, Android users can have voice feedback, telling them the total duration, calories burned, distance covered, running speed, your average pace. Just enable the feature and let the app notify youth of any changes during your different outdoor sports activities. Thus, allowing you to participate in the experiences fully.

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Join the online community with FITAPP Feed

For those interested, you can now join the online community with FITAPP Feed, where you can share your moments in the app and during your different sports activities. Feel free to use it to take snapshots of your sports prowess and show them off with other like-minded users of FITAPP Track My Run & Running. Or you can also post your data and moments in the app on different social platforms to share your experiences with friends and family.

Follow your progress with statistical summaries

Here at FITAPP Track My Run & Running, Android users can access detailed and regular statistical summaries, giving them weekly and monthly statistics of their physical progress. Here, you can look at all the critical data, including active sports, active distance, speed, calories burned, training duration, and many others. Thus, it gives you a better overview of your different physical progress and helps you record specific achievements.

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Lots of HIIT workouts for users of all levels

And if you don’t know where to start in FITAPP Track My Run & Running, the app will provide users with a list of different HIIT workouts, which they can choose and train immediately. The other training options vary in difficulty and requirements to make sure they can match your different personal preferences.

Many routes and outdoor tracks that you can follow

In addition, beginners can already find many routes and tracks in the open air, which are excellent for their runs, walks, hikes, bike trips, and other related activities. This should allow you to easily plan outdoor training activities if you still don’t know where to go. Furthermore, FITAPP Track My Run & Running users can also save their favorite routes on the map and use the GPS Tracker to create better ways to share with others.

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Built-in BMI calculator to better target your ideal weights

To ensure you are at a perfectly healthy weight about your height, FITAPP Track My Run & Running has a built-in BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator for mobile users to track their healthy weights. From the calculated data, you can establish your ideal weights to work. Depending on your current BMI, decide if you are overweight or underweight.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app with our mod.

And last but not least, for those interested, you can now enjoy the free and unlocked version of FITAPP Track My Run & Running on our website instead of paying for premium purchases. You just need to download the FITAPP Track My Run & Running Mod APK, follow the provided instructions, and you’re good to go. Here, we offer the unlocked app with removed ads and unlimited built-in features, which you can get for free.


To be ready and well motivated for your outdoor fitness activities, FITAPP Track My Run & Running is a great mobile app for work. It will help set up and track your routes, and the app also provides dozens of helpful stats and fitness logs to keep you fully engaged in the experiences.

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