FiLMiC Pro Apk Download 2021 V6.19.12 (Pro Unlocked) 2022

Introduction To FiLMic Pro Apk V6.19.12 Download

We all need a great camera app to handle the job of capturing the most amazing videos or recording amazing images with our mobile devices. Many of you would love to have this excellent FiLMiC Pro Apk mobile app on your mobile devices. Feel free to use the app’s fantastic features to work with your camera like a pro.

And at the same time, normal mobile users can also freely use the app for casual camera use. Have fun trying many quick access features available, allowing you to create your excellent camera works comfortably. Unlock exceptional photography capabilities in FiLMiC Pro and enjoy working with the camera app to enhance your built-in camera to the fullest.

Please find out more about this interesting FiLMiC mobile app with our detailed reviews.

What does FiLMiC Pro Apk do?

For amateur filmmakers, it’s not easy to get a professional camera setup with all the valuable and convenient settings you want. That’s why many Android users are turning to professional recording apps like VHS Cam or, in this case, the famous FiLMiC Pro. You can now learn to work with the cool app features in FiLMiC Pro to create your impressive videos easily.

Get access to the professional DSLR handheld camera in FiLMiC Pro and learn the art of capturing video with the app. Try many professional recording features to make your creative works more authentic. Explore interesting visual customizations and try to add unique effects so that you can fully enhance the videos.

Requirements for FiLMiC Pro Apk

For those interested in this unique mobile app, you can easily install FiLMiC Pro from the Google Play Store on your Android devices. However, since it is a paid app, you will need to spend quite a bit.

At the same time, the app will require specific access permissions from your Android devices, which are necessary to allow FiLMiC Pro to work correctly. So make sure you accept their requests when you open the app.

Furthermore, FiLMiC Pro suggests its users always run the app on the latest firmware version, preferably Android 6.0 or above.

As for the device itself, it’s always better to have an excellent camera to start with, as it will help optimize the quality of your photos.

Cool Features Of FiLMiC Pro Apk

Here are all the exciting features the game has to offer:

Enjoy the standard features of a video camera

For starters, Android users on FiLMiC Pro will have the option to enjoy its standard video capture features, which provide plenty of accessible features for you to work with. Feel free to use the different shooting modes in FiLMiC Pro, including standard, manual, and hybrid, all of which are customized to best suit your personal experiences.

Quickly flip your camera vertically or horizontally to enable portrait and landscape shooting modes. Use variable zoom speed to help more precise and accurate shooting operations.

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Choose from different frame rates for videos with 30, 60, 120, and even 240fps footage. Ensure your devices are powerful enough to handle the frame rate bumps in FiLMiC Pro.

Have fun trying excellent slow motion or fast forward video effects in the editor. Try out the different settings to further customize the speed of your videos, allowing for unique visual impressions.

For a more professional video capture experience, Android users on FiLMiC Pro can learn to work with the tri-mode histogram and use the waveform monitor to customize their footage. Have fun trying out many unique video settings in FiLMiC Pro, allowing you to freely adjust exposure, contrast, saturation, color temperature, and other essential locations. These will enable engaging visuals for Android users.

And most importantly, the app comes with a helpful image stabilization feature, allowing Android users to work comfortably with their video capture tasks. Enjoy stable and dynamic videos with fantastic image quality and suitable colors.

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Last but not least, if you ever need to save your settings, feel free to use the preset option in FiLMiC Pro. Now, you can save your custom video settings in the app to enable the best image quality for some instances. You can also use FiLMiC Sync to save your presets to the cloud drive and use them anytime.

Explore more advanced control options

At the same time, for those interested, you can also try the advanced settings in FiLMiC Pro, which will allow professional videographers to take their mobile camera to a new level.

Get started comfortably with the dual-arc slider to adjust focus and real-time exposure on your image capture. With just a minor adjustment, you can feel like a professional videographer. Additionally, users can access live analytics of their videos with current Zebra Stripes, Clipping, False Color, and Focus Peaking, allowing them to make amazing videos.

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Use the zoom rocker controls to fit your videos better. Customize white balance with customizable controls and many useful presets. Learn how to work with the Gamma curve to adjust better the Natural, Dynamic, Flat, and LOG.

Also, to make editing jobs easier, Android users can use live shadow and highlight adjustment, live RGB, saturation, and emotional adjustment, providing instant feedback as they make changes.

And with the content management system now available, Android users can easily manage their projects with the accessible user interface. Make use of clip favorites to highlight priority videos. Use batch upload to share your creative works.

Enjoy full-featured manual control.

You can now use the full-featured manual controls in FiLMiC Pro and have fun with the high-end professional DSLR camera in the app. Test its full capabilities with many advanced features, allowing you to customize exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus, and zoom. All of which will enable you to capture incredible images.

Convenient and adjustable aspect ratios

To make video capture jobs much more accessible, Android users can now use FiLMiC Pro’s adjustable aspect ratios, and many available presets, which should be suitable for many different uses. Choose standard HD widescreen (16:9) for ordinary TVs and monitors—capture videos with Cinerama settings (2.59:1) for more professional service. Try Ultra Panavision (2.76:1) for an even wider angle. The list goes on.

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Make use of advanced audio features.

To effectively capture audio while recording your videos, FiLMiC Pro also offers its advanced stereo recording option. Furthermore, you can also add your external microphones to improve the quality of the captured audio. Quickly record your videos and use the adjustable audio gain to adjust the collected sounds carefully. Adjust the dynamic audio meter to capture the right sounds for your creative work easily.

Flexible and affordable coding options [ FiLMiC Pro Apk ]

And to adjust the quality of your videos and also optimize the file sizes, Android users can learn to work with four flexible encoding options in FiLMiC Pro. Feel free to use FiLMiC Extreme to produce high-quality videos up to 100 pixels. Mbps at 4K and more. To slightly reduce the file size, we have the FiLMiC Quality option, which still provides excellent image quality. If you need to export your videos in a relatively small file size quickly, the Standard option is also quite helpful. And finally, the economy setting will allow Android users to work with FiLMiC Pro even on their low-end devices.

Explore other third-party hardware support

Also, if you ever need hardware support from FiLMiC Pro, the app offers excellent compatibility with many amazing 3rd party apps. Now users can use Moondog Lab’s anamorphic adapter, 35mm lens adapters, Zhiyun Smooth 4, and many others. All of which will allow you to make better videos.

Quickly save and share your work online. [ FiLMiC Pro Apk ]

And if you ever need to save and share your creative works, FiLMiC Pro offers your quick export and share option. You can easily make the app select the correct export options for Facebook, Dropbox, Vimeo, and others. Also, try to share your videos on any of these platforms with the quick access buttons.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app on our website.

Since the app is currently priced relatively high on the Google Play Store, Android users may find it difficult to enjoy their professional camera app. So, for those interested, you can now enjoy the free and unlocked version of the app on our website. Just download the FiLMiC Pro APK on our website and follow the instructions to install the app successfully. Our free version offers all the premium features you can enjoy without paying anything, which is fantastic.


With advanced and practical video editing and recording features, FiLMiC Pro is a great mobile app for Android users, especially those who want to create professional videos with their portable devices. And thanks to the free, unlocked version of the app on our website, you’ll also find it much more accessible.

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