Battery Guru MOD APK 1.9.30 (Ad-Free) (Premium unlocked)

Introduction To Battery Guru Mod Apk

You may wonder why your battery keeps going down even though you don’t use mobile devices as much. And your system is likely overwhelmed with background instances that keep consuming battery resources in the background. Or maybe there are battery problems. But how can you know? Just install and make use of this fantastic Battery Guru app.

Have no problem using the app to monitor your Android system and ensure you use your battery effectively. Use the excellent android app to monitor battery status and ensure you use the devices efficiently. Have no problem using the app to improve battery life, boost your system, and more.

What does Battery Guru Mod Apk do?

With Battery Guru, Android users will have the perfect mobile app to monitor and manage battery usage. Have no trouble using the app to protect your battery from overcharging and prevent inefficient battery usage. Unlock complete details about your battery, which you can constantly check when needed.

Use the app to measure the actual battery capacity of your Android devices. Monitor battery health to make sure your devices are working correctly. And get lots of helpful health tips so you can take better care of your battery. Unlock valuable battery savers to increase your screen time on specific mobile devices. Use customizable battery-saving plans so you can constantly adjust settings accordingly. The list goes on.

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Requirements For Battery Guru Mod Ak

For those interested, you can now enjoy the free and unlocked version of Battery Guru from the Google Play Store, which should be available for all Android users to use. Remember that the free app will come with ads you must watch to unlock its features. And if you want to enjoy the premium app, there will be in-app purchases that you need to pay for.

And to make sure the app can work correctly on your mobile devices, you’ll need to provide Battery Guru with specific access permissions, which are required the first time you enter the app. Also, it is highly recommended that your system be updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 5.1 and above. This will allow for better compatibility and stability of the app on your devices.

Download Battery Guru mod – Streamline your gadget’s battery life

Every gadget will have a restricted limit concerning its battery. Contingent upon the plan, the battery life might be pretty much contingent upon clients’ necessities. Devices with low battery limits frequently experience like never before. That is the reason we will require the assistance of Battery Guru. To have the option to utilize it, you should give a few necessary consents for it. Then Battery Guru will begin to deal rapidly with your gadget. Close all applications you are not utilizing and running behind the scenes. Improve battery life for most outstanding proficiency and assist you with using your device longer.

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Remarkable Highlights

Battery Guru will quantify and show the genuine battery limit that the gadget has. Conveys per-charge reports and measures temperature during charging for your security. It is feasible to gauge a particular charging time and precisely decide when the charge is finished. It informs you of the leftover battery life and reminds you when to charge. Also, you can switch this screen off or on the off chance you need it. It will bring many solid substance warnings and extra time for you. Gauge your gadget’s rest and wake times precisely and rapidly. Appreciate longer-enduring utilization of your device than at any time in recent memory.

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Battery Guru mod free

Charge and consume

This is a movement that happens consistently on the gadget with the requirements of every client. Battery Guru will provide you with a rundown of detailed insights about your exercises. It additionally shows essential data about the battery like rate, temperature, status, and so forth… Assuming the battery is excessively debased, it won’t be protected, and the framework will give an important warning. There will undoubtedly be an issue when the storm depletes excessively fast for a couple of moments. The application will perform battery-explicit checks and mistake messages. Get the data you want rapidly and plan your gadget’s battery. Investigate the set of experiences to find out about your exercises.

Battery assurance

Battery Guru offers a component called security for every client. Here, you can set temperature and charge limit notices. The framework will report the condition to you each time the battery becomes overheated or wholly energized. Keep away from circumstances where the storm might detonate and jeopardize the client.

Battery Guru mod apk

Limit undesirable battery life by hindering charging instantly. The more cautious you utilize your gadget, the more you will deal with it. Indeed, even with little development, the device can be handily safeguarded. Surrender persistent vices being used and begin focusing closer on the gadget.

Rest highlight

You maintain that your battery should be saved to a moderate level and not excessively powerless. Empower Battery Guru’s Nap includes. It will restrict the gadget’s capacity to a normal and not increment its functioning limit. Cause it consumes less battery limit while you switch off the screen. There is likewise a nap mode to immediately make it lights-out time for the telephone. Utilize this component effectively so as not to squander energy on repetitive activities. You will be shocked when the battery life is improved brilliantly.

Make a move now to limit the potential for excessive battery utilization. Assist with staying away from risks and safeguarding yourself. Be brilliant, and with Battery Guru mod, bring adequate reserve funds.

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Download Battery Guru MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android

Full details on battery usage

For those interested, you can now enjoy working with Battery Guru’s full-featured battery assistant app. Here, the handy tool lets you know a lot of exact information about your battery, including voltages, temperatures, capacity, battery status, charge, and discharge status, and charge and discharge history.

battery guru mod apk

Use the remaining charging time app to know exactly when you’ll have your Android devices ready to download. Know when your battery will run out with the exact remaining usage time, so you can manage your on-screen activities and avoid draining your battery.

Get your many insights into the many wake lock periods on your device since you last unplugged the charger to further study battery usage. Unlock detailed app usage through Battery Guru so you can check certain apps and their battery consumption. The list goes on.

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Measure actual battery capacity [ Battery Guru Mod Apk ]

With Battery Guru, Android users can have the most accurate and precise measurements of their battery capacity, with the number in mAh being available and offering complete details. You can also have the exact battery capacity for each power supply for dual battery configurations. Thus, it makes Battery Guru an excellent tool for mobile users.

battery guru mod apk

Better recharge your devices

If your devices are having trouble charging and recharging their power, you may want to use the app to improve your charging experience. Here, the handy tool will optimize system usage to increase loading time. And at the same time, precise heat controls will sound alarms if your devices get unusually hot during the charging period. Use these features to ensure that you are charging your devices correctly.

battery guru mod apk

Protect your battery with advanced measures

With the advanced protections available, Battery Guru users can fully enhance their charging experiences. Here, mobile users will receive notifications about temperature alerts, battery thresholds, charging limits, abnormal battery usage, and more whenever the system is recharging. All of which will improve battery usage.

Lots of health tips to prolong battery life

At the same time, Battery Guru users find out the current battery status and use the different tips in Battery Guru to save battery usage and prolong battery life. Use these informative features and articles to get the most out of your Android devices.

Save more battery with the Doze editor.

For those interested, you can now access the convenient Doze editor, which allows mobile users to save battery life with tweaking options and editing features. Have no trouble getting your device to sleep faster, turning it on without using too many system resources, and optimizing battery usage with convenient tools. Feel free to make your various settings and customizations to your custom Doze profiles so that you can save battery life with little hassle.

Boost your devices and battery capacity [ Battery Guru Mod Apk ]

Battery Guru can help users improve system performance, and battery usage to better use their battery. Using Battery Guru to kill background apps, you can prevent unnecessary processes from slowing down your devices. Use the convenient Allowlist and Blocklist option so you can always choose which apps to remove and which ones to avoid.

Advanced System Battery Saver

With an advanced system battery saver available in Battery Guru, Android users can easily save battery usage with more extreme measures. The app will perform better than your device’s standard battery saver mode. With reduced system usage, dark theme, disabled vibration, animation, and other options, you can significantly increase your screen time with Battery Guru.

Feel free to customize the status bar indicator
For those of you who are interested, you can now choose to customize the status bar with different indicators, which will make it much more convenient for mobile users. Here, you can choose to present the status bar with the current amount of mA, temperature, battery level, and more. Feel free to switch between many combinations to get the most out of the indicators.

Feel free to customize your theme settings

With the app available in light and dark themes, Battery Guru users can enjoy their on-screen experiences even more. Feel free to use the Light music to allow better visibility while using the app. And use the Dark theme if you want relaxing interfaces in low-light conditions.

Enable useful widgets

Like AccuBattery, Battery Guru also offers the live home screen widget, allowing Android users to monitor their system and battery usage. Use the device to scan your battery status without accessing the app quickly.

Enjoy a free premium app using our mod.

Since the free app still has ads and in-app purchases, Battery Guru users will find our modified version of the app a much better option. Here, we offer a Premium Features Unlocked app with removed ads and unlimited features, which you can still get for free. All you need is for you to download the Battery Guru Mod APK, follow the instructions provided, and you are good to go.


With accurate, convenient, and powerful battery tools, Battery Guru will be a great Android app for all mobile users to enjoy on their devices. Feel free to use the app and its features to monitor your battery usage and ensure you’re optimizing your battery efficiency.

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