Among Us Mod Apk Download v2022.9.21 (Mega Mod Menu Apk)

Among Us Mod Menu Apk Download

Among Us MOD Apk v2022.8.24 (Everything Unlocked) cnenov

Among Us MOD Apk v2022.8.24 (Everything Unlocked) cnenov

Among Us MOD Apk v2022.8.24 (Everything Unlocked) cnenov

Among Us Mod Apk 2022 Download

  • Mod Menu
  • Nine Categories: Player Mod Slider, Player Mod, Sabotage Mod, Door Sabotage, Fake Role, Animations, Character, Misc, Host 
  • Among Us Mod Apk
  • Player Ghost Speed Slider
  • Light Radius Slider
  • Chat Always Visible
  • Complete All Tasks
  • No Kill Cooldown (Patched)
  • Active Door Sabotage During Others
  • Can Do Multiple Sabotage
  • Fake Impostor
  • Increase Dead Body Report Distance Slider
  • No Emergency Cooldown
  • Unlimited Emergency Meetings 
  • Control Security Cams Zoom (Skeld)
  • Sabotage Lights
  • Sabotage Systems
  • Repair Sabotage
  • Sabotage Doors
  • Fake Roles
  • No Vents Cooldown/Remaining Time
  • Unlimited Scientist Charges/No CD
  • Play Clear Asteroids Task Animation
  • Play Empty Garbage Task Animation
  • Play Shields Task Animation
  • Unlock All Hats
  • Unlock All Pets
  • Unlock All Skins
  • Unlock All NamePlates
  • Unlock All Visors
  • Remove Ads
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Anti-Ban
  • No, Leave Penalty
  • Remove Existing Ban
  • Move During Meeting/Tasks/Inside Vents
  • Become Ghost
  • Force Disable Ghost Mod/Fake Alive (If you are the host, you can revive players, report body, and vote)
  • Out Of The Game Map (After First Meeting)
  • No Shadows/See Through Walls
  • Can Go Through Closed Doors
  • Free Chat (Change Chat Type as well)
  • Host Menu
  • Set Map
  • Set Impostor Number Slider
  • Set Player Speed Slider
  • Set Kill Cooldown Slider
  • Set Emergency Meetings Slider
  • Flip Skeld Map

What is Among Us Mod Apk

shopping mode Among Us Mod Apk is a modified rendition of the authority

  • Among Us Mod Apk 

mode Among Us game. You can partake in all the modded highlights like generally sham mode, no wall, all skins unlocked, and numerous others.

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Among Us Mod Apk Download Mod Menu 2022

You will likewise get limitless Emergency gatherings, implying you can do crisis gatherings and get more opportunities to dominate the match.

  • Turn into a sham without fail.
  • Orchestrate crisis meeting limitless time
  • Run in extremely high velocity
  • Open and skins, pets, and caps
  • Find who is faker and Crewmate

Perhaps the best thing about this game is that we can change the person’s tone, among us mod apk music, and SFX (enhancement). The game has straightforward-to-use controls where you can use a joystick to deal with the person’s development.

Among Us Mod Apk Download v2022.9.21 (Mega Mod Menu Apk)

Shopping mode Among Us can likewise be irritating for most players who need to be frauds instead of the team. This makes it hard to fill the taskbar because the frustrated group of individuals among us mod apk the game. Another irritating this is that it has just a single guide. With this, the faker taxi effectively kills the group of individuals.

Among us, Always Imposter

It is an on-the-web and disconnected playable game, and that implies you can play this game with your internet-based companion and with nearby companions.

Highlights Of Among Us Mod Apk

As we probably are aware, shopping mode Among Us is one of the most moving games at present. With its particular ongoing interaction and multiplayer mode, it gets viral in a matter of seconds.

So underneath, I among us mod apk featured a few highlights of the shopping mode Among Us Mod Menu Apk. If you are new to Thinkkers regardless confused about downloading this modified form, then, at that point, the underneath element will assist you with settling on a choice.

Continuously Imposter Mod

Among Us doesn’t permit you to pick the job of fraud ourselves. This implies game AI framework haphazardly determines anybody as an Imposter. However, with this modded game, you can turn into a faker each time you need. Initiate ‘Consistently Imposter Mode’ from the mod menu, and you are all set.

Shams have a more significant number of capacities than crewmates, and that implies you can use vents and open entryways.

Unlocked all skins Among US Ios

Skin is only the dress/garments of your personality in the game. You can pick a straightforward look character, or you can customize the person to your taste.

For customization, you want to pick your player’s skin, variety, and caps. However, continue to recollect that you can’t like that one on the off chance that somebody had picked any skin.

All pets unlocked

Pets are little animals that will pursue the player around the spaceship. All pets have enjoyable activities and one-of-a-kind responses when their ‘proprietor’ bites the dust.

In shopping mode Among Us mod, all pets are unlocked, and that implies you can pick one of them for your personality.

Limitless crises gatherings
The ordinary mode of shopping mode Among Us has restricted assortments of crisis gatherings. Likewise, it has restricted crisis get-together prerequisites. Yet, in this Among Us Mod Apk, your restrictions on crisis gatherings are unlimited.

You can likewise venture out from casting a ballot on the off chance that you’re in the rundown of the suspect, so you can’t participate in casting a vote.

Unlocked caps

There are a few caps for players with which player can customize their personality. In the Halloween update, there are not many more caps presented, caps like Jason’s veil, evil presence horns, a blade, and so forth.

If you among us mod apk your game, you would get other new caps like the Santa Claus cap, prongs cap, etc. Caps in shopping mode Among Us are free, yet a few caps need cash to customize your personality.

  • A few additional elements
  • Upholds up to 10 players for each match
  • Fascinating idea
  • Offers character customization
  • Online as well as a disconnected mode
  • Instructions to Download And Install Among Us On Android
  • Downloading any activity game is a straightforward task.

Among us mod apk V2022.8.25

If you are new to Thinkkers and don’t know how to download paid applications free of charge, then you can follow the guide below. I’m composing this aide according to a novice’s viewpoint so anybody can figure it out without much of a stretch.

Stage 1: First, click on the above ‘Go To Download Page’ button. From that point forward, you will divert to the shopping mode Among Us download page.

Stage 2: Get your application by tapping the ‘Start Download button. Your download will begin in almost no time.

Among Us Mod Apk
Stage 3: After downloading the application, make a beeline for File Manager and open you’re downloaded Among Us apk record. Assuming you are introducing an application from File Manager interestingly, then, at that point, it might ask you for specific authorizations.

Stage 4: Allow the ‘Settings’ choice.

Stage 5: After permitting the consent, press the back button, and again attempt to introduce the apk record.


The conditions are really fluctuating, and there are additionally intriguing journeys well defined for that climate that you will invest energy encountering. Simultaneously, another mission has just been added is Vent Clean, and the name says it all when you should figure out how to clean this spot. This area is frequently connected with the Impostors in the game, so there are a couple of elements that you should be cautious about and can affirm that this mission will affect interactivity.

Among Us Hack Download

At the point when you go to an area to clean the vent, something surprising will occur: the Impostor’s craving to run down the vent won’t be imaginable. As such, the button won’t seem when the Impostor goes to the cleaned place. An Impostor is in the vent yet hasn’t left at this point, and a Crewmate confesses all it; to be sure, the individual in it will be uncovered, and you will know how to report the foe. So when you go clear vent, go with a many individuals you trust.


At the point when you need to make a game screen, you will be keen on many variables. Variables you should consider are the players’ number, the Impostor’s number, whether the foe’s personality is uncovered when tossed into space, and the length of the expertise. Unequivocally, these variables will frequently decide the test of the ongoing interaction of this game that you should go through. Before beginning the game, you should talk with the host to among us mod apk always imposter hack adjust them appropriately.

The ongoing interaction of Among Us is direct. It is animated by the werewolf game when every player knows their capability and attempts to do their part well to win the level. Crewmates should take out every one of the Impostors on the boat with the enlightens they gather in the game.

Among us mod apk always imposter hack 2022

Simultaneously, if Crewmate is carried down to a similar number as Impostor, the triumph will undoubtedly incline toward the executioners in this game. So this is pleasant ongoing interaction.

In some cases, executing the above objective will consume most of the day for the two sides, so the game likewise has another prerequisite. That is to finish the number of missions for Crewmate, and the Impostor will play out his among us mod apk always imposter hack demonstrations of treachery and hold on until the crisis is up. In this manner, any player should be aware of the components he is performing and carefully consider his environmental factors.


When you know the objectives of these different sides, you will unquestionably understand that the attributes of these two sorts of characters will be unique aside from the one point that they can identify bodies and assemble conferences. Concerning Impostors will have better night vision and are frequently incapable of performing undertakings – commonplace of Crewmate.

So toward the beginning of the game, the tracker will usually get a rundown of phony undertakings, and their responsibility is to go there and stand so different players don’t get suspicious.

Among us All skins Apk Download

Crewmates will impeccably execute the undertakings they get and attempt to get the taskbar to 100 percent. So that is why players should be cautious with what’s around them. The game likewise incorporates a camera room so you can mention observable facts of other players’ activities.

Whenever you arrive at your conclusions regarding the Impostor, you can hold a gathering or stand close to a dead body to make the declaration.

The players here will give their contentions inside a chatbox, and after the discussion time is up, they will decide in favor of the individual they see as suspicious or skirt the vote. So whoever gets more votes will among us mod apk always imposter hack be killed and transformed into a phantom. It can move openly and keep doing what it left incomplete, aside from killing different players.


It is a web-based game; for sure, you can not avoid the coordinates with your companions or different players. Depending on your inclination, you can join or coordinate with several players, from 4 – 15 individuals. As referenced above, making room likewise should be painstakingly considered to avoid contention in the number and strength of one side.

Simultaneously, the quantity of varieties and frills that you find in the game is additionally captivating and assists you with customizing your personality.

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